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  1. My solution to Docker on OS X
    This post is outdated and I will be updating it in the near future. Note: Through the post I use a VM on my local machine on VMware Fusion but you can you use barebone server, a VPS/Cloud Server somewhere or other hypervisor. Just read the CoreOS documentation on how to get the OS running on your pariculary setup. I wanted to use Docker on a VM, but not deal with the hassle of editing/coping my Dockerfiles to the VM.
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  2. Create your personal wiki with Simiki
    I wanted to create a wiki to document my studies, researches and experiments for future refereces and share it with the internet. My requeriments for the software that would ‘run’ the wiki was that it has to generate a static website, have simple configuration and be under active develoment. Simiki fill all this requirments and with a bonus: It’s written in python! So lets create the wiki: You can install simiki with pip.
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